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Market Rent Application

Please note, this is NOT an application for Rent-Geared to Income Housing.  To apply for RGI housing in the County of Simcoe please go to

There are currently NO Market Rent vacancies.

Barrie Housing is experiencing a very low turnover rate.

The approximate wait time for a Market Rent unit is 2+yrs.

Please read these instructions carefully and fill out all sections.  If your application is missing information and/or documents, it will take longer to process.

All members of your household over the age of 16 must sign the application.

You must include with your application the following documents:
1. Two (2) most recent months bank statements
2. Two (2) pieces of identification (one must be photo)
3. Proof of your income (see below for details)


Two (2) most recent pay stubs showing your gross income


A letter of employment for each employed member of your household, stating:

  • The name, address, and phone number of employer
  • Gross annual salary
  • Length of employment

Ontario Works/ODSP
  • A recent stub from OW or a letter from your case worker
  • A recent stub from ODSP or a letter from your case worker
Employment Insurance - EI / Long Term Disability
  • A current statement showing the gross weekly income Pensions - OAS/CPP/GIS/Private pensions
  • Yearly statement and a notice of assessment from the previous tax year Child Support
  • Court documents indicating the amount of monthly support

Any other income such as income generating investments, bank accounts etc.

Step 1 - Applicant Information

*Please note 1 and 4 Bedroom units are not available for market rent*

Income Information

* Canada Child Tax Benefit & Child Support are not considered as income, please do not include *

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