Barrie Housing Newsletter

Summer 2018

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Annual BBQ

Tenant Content Insurance

Summer Tips

Be a good neighbour

Crime prevention

Community cleanup & Gardening

Tenant Surveys

Updating Contact Information

Smoke Free Building Policy

Other Information

Annual BBQ

Barrie Housing kicked of the Canada Day long weekend with a BBQ at Northfields on Thursday June 28th, 2018. The tenants at Northfields and North Barrie Heights came out to enjoy the summer weather, the food and the entertainment. The children were thrilled with the treats which included popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and a Canada Day cake to complete the afternoon fun. Kidz Club and EarlyOn added to the fun with games and activities for the Children. It was an added treat to have Kicx 106 provide us with music, and Julia from Kreative Kingdom thrilled the little ones with her awesome face painting designs. A big ‘Thank You’ to Poppa John’s Pizza for their generous pizza donation……it was absolutely delicious!

Tenant Insurance

Why do I need tenant insurance?

  • Tenant insurance is important because it covers your belongings inside your home.
  • Your personal property is covered by insurance if it is lost, damaged or destroyed.
  • If you have to leave your home because of a flood, fire or other circumstances insurance will pay for expenses such as hotel bills, meals, and moving costs.

For information about tenant insurance options visit or call


Tips To Prevent Pests

Warmer weather is great but it does brings those pests that can invade your home. Try these tips to help keep those pests away during the hot summer season:

  1. Wash/clean dishes daily
  2. Wipe kitchen counter tops regularly
  3. Empty garbage bins daily
  4. Avoid clutter, particularly in kitchen areas. Don’t give pests a place to hide.
  5. Report any moisture problem in your unit immediately (i.e. leaky taps, leaky fridge or sweaty pipes)

Taking some extra steps could prevent you from having to call pest control to your home!!

Be a Good Neighbour!

Please remember to always be respectful of others who are sharing outdoor spaces

  • No playing loud music
  • No drinking alcohol in outdoor common areas
  • No use of illegal substances
  • No harassment of other tenants and guests
  • No interference with tenants’ rights to live in a safe, respectful, healthy environment

Crime Prevention

The Barrie Police offers the following suggestions to increase your security in your homes/apartments:

  • Always lock your vehicles and remove all valuables
  • Keep entrances to your home locked (including patio/balcony doors)
  • In apartment buildings, do not give strangers access to the building. Know who your visitors are and only give them access to your apartment building when they arrive
  • Please report any observable security concerns to the housing staff so preventative action can be taken

You may call the Barrie Police directly at (705) 725-7025 to report any suspicious activity, or any non-emergency situation requiring police assistance

911 should always be called for any life threatening emergency!

Tenant Report Record

Always keep a personal record of any calls made to report suspicious behaviour or a crime. Be as detailed as possible in your notes

  • Who was called (housing emergency number, Barrie police, 911)
  • Time called
  • Witnesses (if any)
  • Damages to any property (personal or building)
  • Injuries
  • Etc.


211 is a three digit help line telephone phone number 2-1-1 and is also a website. This website connects you to personalized information about community, social, health and government services in your area. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for free, confidential information about community programs and services. This helpline provides services in over 150 languages.

Community Cleanup and Gardening

It takes co-operation and commitment to make your surroundings look beautiful. The Community Development Manager is creating partnerships with tenants to organize community clean up and gardening events.

During the past several weeks cleanup and gardening have been done at all Barrie Housing locations with the participation of staff and tenants. All efforts will be made to continue to offer tenants the opportunity to engage and contribute to making their homes beautiful.

Please contact the Community Development Manager at Tenant Services Office - (705 727-0414 ext. 222) to share your ideas and get involved in any community event!

Coulter Glen (Before) Coulter Glen (After)

Community Development Tenant Surveys

The Community Development tenant survey is an opportunity to get a snapshot of what tenants are thinking and the progress Barrie Housing is making in achieving its Community Development Plan objectives. Your feedback helps Barrie Housing refine its strategic plan to address areas that are missing or needs improvement. Surveys are being delivered to your doors. Please take a moment to review and answer the short questionnaire, and return it to the building office. It will play an important role in helping Barrie Housing select programs and activities that are right for your community!

Updating Your Contact Information

If your phone number changes, it is important that you contact the building housing worker to update your information. Information can be left via voicemail or in person during the housing worker’s office hours at your building.

Smoke Free Building Policy

Barrie Housing has a Smoke Free Policy in all buildings. For all tenants and visitors, smoking is not permitted in any indoor common areas of the buildings. This includes hallways, stairwells, lounges, common rooms, children’s playgrounds, laundry facilities, parking garages and elevators. Smoking is prohibited in residential units within the building, balconies and patios as well as within 9 meters of doorways, operable windows and air intakes. Smoking outdoors is permitted only in marked designated smoking areas.

Other Information

PIE Education

Once again PIE (Providing Instruments for Excellence in Education) will be providing students in Barrie Housing with backpacks for the upcoming school year. Details for dates and times for pickup of backpacks will be posted.