EarlyON runs programs out of our Community Rooms weekly.

Monday: Coulter Glen (49 Coulter St) 9am-Noon/1pm-4pm and Allanview Place (90 Little Ave) 9am-Noon/1pm-4pm

Tuesday: Timbercrest (339 Essa Rd) 9am-Noon/1pm-4pm

Wednesday: Summitview (380 Duckworth St) 9am-Noon/1pm-4pm

Thursday: Northfields (225 Kozlov St) 9am-Noon/1pm-4pm and Summitview (380 Duckworth St.) 9am-Noon/1pm-4pm

Kidz Club 'Summer Club' is coming back for July and August of 2019

Monday: Northfields (225 Kozlov St) 11am-Noon and CundlesTerrace (10-20 Golfdale Rd) 3pm-4pm

Wednesday: Mill Creek (549 Yonge St) 11am-Noon and Coulter Glen (49 Coulter St) 3pm-4pm

Friday: Penetang (31 Penetang St) 11am-Noon and Summitview (380 Duckworth St) 3pm-4pm